Hi, I'm Catrina


Currently working in .NET Standard with deployment to Azure cloud.

About Me

My everyday tools.

Current Technologies

  • Backend : .NET Core 6 (Standard) in C# accessing data on MSSQL/AzureSQL, iSeries and APIs

  • Frontend : Bootstrap or Bulma CSS Frameworks with Javascript as needed. Currently moving toward Blazor, replacing JS with C#.

  • Related : Entity Framework, Dapper, HTML, CSS, JSON, LINQ

  • Other : PHP, ASP Classic, Java

Current Tools

  • IDE/Development Environment : Visual Studio, Azure Development with MSDN Subscription

  • Version Control : Github, Microsoft Team Foundation Server

  • Deployment : Azure Cloud, Windows Servers (IIS), 3rd Party Webhosts (Linux)

  • Related : Postman, Azure Storage Explorer, Azure Blobs, Azure Functions

  • Other : WordPress, LAMP Webhosts

What I'm Working On


Creating a smoother interaction between user input and back end response.


Creating well documented APIs to open up the sharing of database information and centralize information.


Experimenting with using one code base to create apps for any device, any platform.

My Resume

My growth points.


Sarah Lawrence College

1997 - 2001

Bachelor of Liberal Arts in line with the mission of the school to create world citizens "who take intellectual and creative risks." Pursued classes in C++, Java, and general Web Design.


Strike USA

2022 -

Use .NET core APIs to integrate 3rd party apps into company's systems to create a solution that meets the needs of the business.

Swiff-Train Company (STC Floors)

2001 - 2022

Initially began with ASP and tech support, progressed to developer using PHP and now .NET developer.


One Source, Many Sites

.NET Core, API, PHP, WordPress

Created a .NET app to manage products and a separate .NET API app to open database access. This allows for various sites, with different brands or markets, to show same products - all with centralized management. I used my own PHP Plugin to display these products on a standard WordPress site.

Real-Time Payments (Partial Sample)

.NET Core, Payment APIs, iSeries(as400), PHP

Created a .NET site for users to log in, retrieve and collect payments though 3rd party payment APIs. The .NET site then reports payment to a PHP API I wrote on the iSeries to keep payment information in sync. It remains in use today and is crucial in getting real-time payments to our legacy system.

Image Archive

Azure Cloud Store, Blobs, JSON, JS

Utilized blob storage to store product images old and new. The .NET web app uses Javascript to create a JSON tree of the files that can be searched and parsed into a directory like appearance, making it easier for users find and download.

Blog Posts

A snapshot of my daily development.

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